News: UK Games Fund granted to Grace Hopper

Early in 2020 before the world started getting pandemic'ed we applied to the UK Games Fund 2020 cohort with our idea for Grace Hopper.

To our suprise we got in!!! This meant we had 3 months of funded time to turn this couple of prototypes into a more fleshed out demo. At the end of these three months... well we had no demo but we did have a game we could play, visuals, music, menus and over world. What we found is that our direction needed work.

Fortunately, UK games fund were able to offer us follow on funding for 4 more months from November 2020 to March 2021. This meant we could spend time workshopping the game design and scoping, bring on a second dev to push the game fondation forward, and spending more time on story beats, art, and content.

We're currently still in development but hope to have a pitchable demo of the game for the end of April, get in contact if you want to play or want some advice on applying for the UK Games Fund.

Tags: Grace Hopper: Bug Rescue, Update, UK Games Fund
Date: Monday, 30 November 2020

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